Wes Leasy is a loving father of one daughter, a former NFL Arizona Cardinals Linebacker, Public Speaker, Coach, and a board member of several organizations. Wes grew up without his father, who was lost because of medical issues. His mother did her very best to raise him and his two sisters as a single mother in Greenville, MS. Sports became a catalyst for success and opportunities that helped shape Wes’s love and attitude towards community service. Wes excelled in sports and made his mark on the football field. He earned a scholarship to Mississippi State University, majoring in Industrial Technology. Through hard work and overcoming hardships at home, Wes placed himself in a position to be drafted by NFL’s Arizona Cardinals, a lifelong dream come true. Phoenix opened her arms to a stranger, a young man looking for a chance to prove himself. What Wes found was a community of kind, loving, hard-working, and trusting people. Phoenix gave Wes a family and the hope of a better tomorrow.

Wes’s philosophy is based upon the pillars of equality and respect for all, an open mind to new ideas, and the importance of listening. His commitment to listening has allowed him to connect with others and to fight for what is right. Wes believes we must work together to find solutions in our great LD27. He is passionate about making life better for others and for our community. Wes fights each day to uphold his motto of “Together we can change the World.“